Location ‘scouting’

  • August 25, 2014

As part of my work for Analog Motorcycles – contributing to their social media presence and creating content for their builds – we headed over to Lake Forest Sports Cars.  LFSC is a family owned Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, and McLaren dealer (amongst other special vehicles not amongst those brands).  There were some amazing sights to see, but for me the F40 and the brand new P1 were the two favorites.  I made sure during the shoot the following day to put the F40 in the picture as it is already a classic and contrasted well with Tony’s creation.  Here are some shots from our walk around the day before the shoot.  Enjoy. lfsc-004 lfsc-003 lfsc-001

lfsc-005 lfsc-006 lfsc-007 lfsc-008 lfsc-009lfsc-002


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