In addition to the media services we are known for such as photography, and videography, WRM is also behind the scenes.

Content Creator:

  • We work with companies to create photo, video, graphic design content which has a similar look and feel to it which helps cultivate your company’s image.  We are able to utilize different media outlets and influencers within your company’s market to help you stay relevant with what is important to your business.

Social Media management:

  • We can completely overhaul, manage, contribute, or consult on your social media presence.  Part of your business should NOT include spending your valuable time on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  There are proven, effective ways to optimize the performance of these outlets and leverage your existing resources to the best of your ability.

Media Logistics:

  • Having the right content is not the only important aspect of your company’s web-presence.  Knowing which key players and influencers are going to help you reach your goals is equally vital to any content-based campaign.  Our experience within a number of interest groups helps us leverage our content in the best way.