Some of my favorite works.  Produced in-house.

The custom builds that Analog Motorcycles creates, rival the original brand’s quality, fitment, and design.  The builds are a true combination of art & engineering.  These videos are made to promote the brand sponsors that were a part of the custom motorcycle build process and to engage with consumers as part of a content marketing plan.  Shot with DSLR, GoPro, and DJI cameras combined to bring to life and experience the motorcycles in a way that still photos cannot.

Analog Motorcycles Dirty Twin for Rebel Yell Bourbon, Triumph America, and Rev’it Sport.

Analog Motorcycles Royal Scrambler for Royal Enfield, and Dainese.

Analog also produces parts, apparel, and accessories for motorcycles.   As part of my ongoing work for the company, I have gotten to put together a number of instructional videos detailing install processes for these parts, as well as some quicker ‘promo’ pieces such as this cell phone mount.

Grainger – Intro to the 360 Photography Project

This video was put together as part of a quick presentation on a new project for my company.  The goal was to share a visually interesting story in the 360 photography cage with the rest of the team while also showing a rough process outline for how the results are achieved.