Some of our favorite works.  Shot, edited, and directed in-house.

Analog Motorcycles – Backyard Blast

The custom builds that Analog Motorcycles creates, rival the original brand’s quality and fitment rendering the builds a combination of art & engineering.  We have been doing these ‘build release’ videos for a few years now, and they are always a great exhibition of what we can do with a camera.  Pro-quality DSLR and GoPro Hero 4’s were used to film this machine.

Analog Motorcycles – 2014 Barber Vintage Festival

Once in a while our client, Analog Motorcycles asks us to put together a piece about a trip or an event that they are attending.  This gives us a chance to use our journalistic style to show what its like to attend one of these events.  Shot completely on Pro-quality DSLR.

Grainger – Intro to the 360 Photography Project

We are  capable of telling many different types of stories through visual media.  Whether that is a project, event, process or another account altogether – we can do it.

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